How do I insert a page break?

I want to jump to a new page (like when using Ctrl + Enter in Microsoft Word). Is it possible to do that in ClauseBase? Is there a keyboard shortcut for it?

Hi Marina,

Welcome to the ClauseBase Community!

To answer your question: yes. There are two ways you can implement a page break in ClauseBase. You can either apply the setting to a single document or tie it to a specific clause, which will reflect on every document that makes use of that same clause.

1. Single document

In the first case, you should navigate to Advanced in your Operations Panel, and then Layout. Then, Under General, tick the box that says Start clause on a new page. The document will display a blue dotted line in place of the page break.

2. Specific clause

If instead, you would like to tie a page break to all instances of a clause you can either:

a) Navigate to Custom styling on the left menu, click Title and then + Custom Styling, scroll down to Text flow settings of each paragraph and click the slider to activate the option Page break before. Then, just tick the box to enable it.

b) Use the following special code before any paragraph: % page break before %. Inserting this special code before the text in the clause’s content title will insert a page break before the entire clause, including its title.

The special code is the option that will give you the most flexibility in choosing where the page break should be inserted – whether before the title or before any other paragraph of that clause.

If you could use some extra details, you can check our page dedicated to page breaks and line breaks in the Help Center here.

Great. Thanks for the explanation.