How do I put a conceptlabel in all-capitals?

How do I put a conceptlabel in all-capitals?

Hi Mathias,

You need to use the special function @uppercase — see

For example, if you have a datafield #customer^name and would like to convert it to all-caps, you can use @uppercase(#customer^name) .

Tip: similar functions @lowercase (= all lower letters), @capitalize (= first letter capital) and @capitalize-words (= every first letter of every word in capital).

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Can I ask a follow-up question on this one? Is it possible that when a datafield is a repeating list, this special function doesn’t work?

Correct — the @uppercase, @capitalize, etc. only work on individual text-datafields.

If you are treating the repeating list as a list, then those @functions will not work, because they were designed to work with text and not with lists.

(You either have to extract a specific value from the list using the @nth function, or put the clause in which the repeating datafield is used on repeat (via advanced -> repeat clause in Assemble Document).