How to conjugate possessive nouns

Apologies if this is obvious but how do specify possessive case for a concept? For example #recipient is a concept. How would I specify Recipient’s and Recipients’ depending on whether there’s one or more of them?

The software has specific support for the possessive form in Dutch & English: simply insert 's at the end of the #concept.

By the way, the software is aware of the linguistic rules, to figure out whether or not to drop the trailing -s. (See Apostrophe - Wikipedia)


Wow, I’m impressed. Is there analogous support for singular/plural possessive case in other languages? If not, no big problem, it would be easy enough to code an IF/THEN to handle it in other languages.

Support for @singular and @plural exists for every language. The special possessive case scenario described here (with the #concept's) is on itself only supported for Dutch and English. However, for languages that have a genitive case (as do many Eastern European languages), it is handled through the grammatical case support.

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