How to force table rows repeat together with repeating datafields?

My intention is to achieve the following:

|| Buyer 1 [first item in repeating field] ||
|| %dotted% [signature line for Buyer 1] ||
|| Buyer 2 [second item in repeating field] ||
|| %dotted% [signature line for Buyer 2] ||

In simple words, I would like the signature line to be inserted right after the corresponding repeating field and for as many times as there are items in the repeating field.

How can I achieve it?

Try to use the following:

|| #buyers^name @DOTTED ||

DOTTED = @str("")

% dotted %

The underlying reasoning is that the % ... % is only recognised at the beginning of a line. You therefore need to insert stuff that resultings in nothing — e.g., @str("") — so that you can have the possibility to insert the % dotted % at the start of the line.

Another possibility:

|| % align full width % ||
|| #buyers^name @SIGNATURE ||

|| % borders 0, align full width % ||
|| % dotted % ||

This actually results in a sub-table, but if you remove that sub-table’s borders and make it full width, it should also be OK in most contracts.

Thank you, these help.