How to insert a sub-clause after a definition list?

I inserted a definition list, changed the title of the clause to “Definitions and Interpretation” and I now have “Definitions” as a first sub-clause. But I am struggling to insert a new sub-clause regarding interpretation after the sub-clause containing the definition list. How can I do that?Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 11.36.40

Hi Melek,

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You can do that by creating a new Interpretation clause and indenting it as a subclause of the “Definitions
& Interpretation” clause.

Let’s suppose this is your desired structure:

  1. Definitions and interpretation
    1.1 Definitions
    1.2 Interpretation

All you would have to do is create article 1 and 1.1, then insert article 1.2 below article 1.1 but indented on the same level as article 1 (ClauseBase will then call it article 2. If you now indent the article one level to the right by clicking the appropriate arrow icon, it will become article 1.2.

Hope that helps!

That is really helpful. Thank you, Senne!