How to refer to the way a clause is referred to in the agreement?

Hi, in an ‘interpretation’ clause, I need to insert the following:

‘a Clause and Annex refer to’

However, I do not know yet how in the document clauses will be referred to: as ‘clause’ or as ‘article’, as this may vary on how the user wants to style it.

How can I insert ‘clause’ here so that it changes wth the styling, just as it does with the cross-references? I do not think that only inserting the § symbol works.

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  1. (Updated previous answer)

    You can use _-article_ (or variations such as _°article_ for this article, or +article for the article ) in singular for French & English, or _articles_ in plural. In Dutch, this turns into variations of _artikel_ / _artikels_; in German _artikel_ and _artikeln_ ; in other languages, this will turn into yet other words.

  2. ClauseBase currently does not have a centralised label for referring to an Annex/Schedule/Appendix — the main reason is that it happens quite frequently that multiple types of such documents are combined into a single Binder. In the References Styling you can specify how to refer to an article/clause of another document, but that setting does not cover the centralised label of the subdocument.

    So I’m afraid you will have to use an old-style, hard-coded enumeration of synonyms…

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