How to start a bulleted-list using * AND in an unnumbered paragraph


I was trying to start a bulleted list using * AND in the recitals clause (which is not a numbered paragraph) but I can’t make it work. How can I achieve that on ClauseBase?

The current layout engine requires an AND/OR/LIST bullet-list to be subordinate to either a title (= which is always numbered, even if only implicitly) or a paragraph that starts with an explicit number in the editor.

A few possible mitigations for your scenario:

  • You can directly store a bulleted-list below a title. So if you are using a typical recitals title (e.g., “RECITALS” or “Considering that…”) below which the bullets are positioned, then you could insert the * AND right below that title, within the “Content title” of the clause file, e.g.


  • While in the editor (Content title or Content body) you should position the * AND below a numbered paragraph in order to function correctly, you can disable the numbering of the resulting clause through the button in the toolbar


In the following example, you can see a clause with a title, that contains one single clause below it (containing a simple bulleted list).


Thank you, Maarten. It works perfectly now.