"Implemented" syntax difficulty

I am trying to make my Arbitration clause sensitive to the presence of my Mediation clause, which I understand I can do with a cross-tag and the @implemented function. I have no trouble building a conditional based on @implemented(§Mediation) being true, but when I try to add an “Else :” to this or a separate conditional based on @implemented(§Mediation) is False, I get the syntax error below. I don’t understand why this does not work and the error explanation is not helpful.


Sorry for bad image. Since the error message only stays on screen when mouse button is down, I could not trigger a screenshot; I had to take a photo.

What am I doing wrong?

Oh, FFS! I was using my CE syntax, “is”, instead of “=” – sorry!

Also: I was fouled up by case-sensitivity. When I used “Else,” it generated an error but “else” works!

Sometimes, even merely explaining the issue to someone seems to bring the solution :slight_smile: