Import mode - plural form of defined terms

In a contract, the term “Deliverable” and “Deliverables” are both used, but both should be mapped to the concept #deliverable. Does CB automatically map “Deliverables” to @plural(#deliverable)?

If so, do I need to map both terms “Deliverable” and “Deliverables” in the import mode defined terms pane to the same concept? Or would it be sufficient to only map the singular term to the relevant concept?

I couldn’t find the answer here:

Edit: I think the solution is that you indeed need to define both terms but map them to the exact same (singular) concept and force plural on the plural term.

Hi Bernd,

Your solution is indeed correct: one concept, with both the plural and the singular mapped to that concept.

Applied to the import module, this means that both term “deliverable” and term “deliverables” should point to the very same concept. You can, however, immediately specify that the plural should be set to “force plural” through the popup — this would cause @plural(#deliverable) to be inserted every time the plural term “deliverables” is encountered.


Thanks, that helps!