Importing cards: logic behind the order

When importing Q&A cards and browsing them: what is the logic behind the order there? I think on date of adding? Now that is manageable because I know more or less what I added when, but when the Q&A becomes very long, I can imagine that it becomes more complex to find the card you want to import.

Are you talking about the “import” pane to import Q&A cards from other existing Q&A files?

Or are you talking about the “batch create” pane, or yet some other import process?

The import pane indeed. To import cards.

I probably misunderstood your question, but if you click on an existing Q&A in the upper part of that pane, then the bottom part of the pane will show a preview of all cards (and change-sets) in that Q&A.

The ordering of those cards & change-sets should be identical to the ordering of the original file, i.e. the order in which you manually placed them (and possibly reshuffled using the up/down buttons etc.).

If this is not the case, can you then privately send me the ID of the Q&As you are talking about?

OK thanks. Will send you a private message.