In focus mode, separate panes to enable them to be dragged to separate monitor

In focus mode, the view gets crowded and difficult to manipulate. I spend too much time moving the pane separators around. I would like to be able to pop one or more panes into a separate window so that I could drag it to a different monitor. This would make my drafting much easier.

In a browser-based environment, it is almost impossible (due to all the security restrictions imposed by browser vendors to combat online fraud) to have two separate browser windows communicate with each other in an efficient manner (there are quite some data structures that would have to be present in both windows to have them communicate, it’s not a few lines of text). So that is probably not the road to take.

I fully agree that you will spend a lot of time on dragging the separators around if you are working on a smaller screen (e.g., a 13 inch laptop). But in light of the multitude of options that you typically want to have available on your screen, most of our users work on large (24 or 27 inch) monitors. Is there a particular reason you do not work on your external screen when you seem to have it available?

  • Would a keyboard shortcut to hide the panes be of some help?
  • Do I understand correctly that you are mostly annoyed by the bottom left panes (datafields & terms)?

My big screen is at the office; I’ve mostly been working at home, on my laptop (16"). I’ll be bringing the larger monitor home soon, so that should help.

Obviously, I’m just getting started with Clausebase, so I have to learn what works best. Maybe having some keyboard shortcuts not just to hide all panes, but also to move through several possible configurations, would prove useful. I’ll give it some thought…

Feel free to post or privately send me a video with your current setup and real examples of where you are struggling. With a 16" laptop, set at normal resolution (probably a1440 pixels wide, or the Apple Retina equivalent thereof) you should have the possibility to comfortably edit.