@in-language function for other language than English


I am using the @in-language function for my signature block.
It works nicely for a set-up multi-language document English/French or English/Dutch:

~{#settlement-agreement^official-language = “French”: #Employer / @in-language(#Employer, “fr”) | = “Dutch”: #Employer / @in-language(#Employer, “nl”)}

Is there a way to use this function for a set-up multi-language document French/Dutch?

Thank you very much!



You can use this special function in any of the languages.

The software will take the contents of the box (i.e., the “Content Body”) in the main language, and then it in the final text, across all columns.

So you can actually play with all the variations you want.

By the way, through the relevant change set (probably combined with some condition), you can even automatically enable the second language, so that your end-users can simply tick the relevant checkboxes in your questions, and automatically produce a bilingual version: