Inform the user that the question is multi-language in Q&A

It would be convenient if the Q&A user would be somehow informed whether the question is multi-language (i.e. requires multi-language input or not) when filling out the Q&A.

Currently, after changing the language of the document, the user has to go through all the questions and check for the missing input for that language. Therefore, it would be good if the need for multi-language input would be made more apparent to the user.

For example, the user could be informed about it in a very similar way it is informed when the question is mandatory (i.e. by additional color dot next to the question).

Would it perhaps be even more interesting to have an option in the Q&A’s settings that, when enabled, would always show input-fields for multiple languages for those text-based questions that are set to take different answers for different languages?

I would have to further investigate whether this is possible to implement, but if so then it would avoid that the user would have to switch languages just to enter the translations of the multi-lingual questions.

I am not sure how your idea would look like in practice, i.e. whether you would simply show two input-fields throughout the Q&A or whether the need for the second input would be shown more discreetly as this is currently done in the assemble document mode, e.g.:


If it is the former, the questionnaire might be cluttered with the fields that are not necessarily relevant to the user (i.e. in case the user is interested only in generating a single-language document). If it is the latter, this would be perfect, as the user will be able to activate the additional input only if it plans to generate a multi-language document.

Definitely the subtle approach, similar to Assemble Documents. In any case, this will be opt-in, on a per Q&A basis.

Just implemented. It will appear on the servers tomorrow.