Insert page number in the footer of a document

How can I insert page numbers in the footer of my document?

You can define the page numbering style for an individual document or you can have your administrator define it from the administrator level so that it is applied to all documents generated in your organisation or department.

For an individual document, just go to the “styling” tab of the operations panel, then go to “page” and click “customize default style” or “edit” if you already have a custom style. Scroll down to footer and toggle the part where you would like the pagina numbering to appear (i.e.: left, right or center). Next, click on the icon with the three horizontal lines and “+” symbol attached to it, then select “page nr.”.

This will make your document display the current page number for each page. You could also expand on that and choose, for example “{page-nr} / {total pages}”. In that case, page number 2 of a 3-page document is shown as “2/3”.