Inserting functioning checkbox

I want to create a form that should be an annex to a contract, but is there any way to insert a checkbox that also functions as a checkbox if you export the contract with annex to Word? If not, is there any symbol (like a square or something) I can use that looks like a checkbox?

We do not currently support inserting Word “controls” from ClauseBase, but this has been requested in the past, so perhaps we may want to introduce it in the future.

As a workaround: what you should technically look for, is any of the Unicode symbols (= extended set of characters, typically intended for the characters of non-English languages such as Cyrillic or Arabic, but also containing symbolic characters).

See for example and and for an empty box and two variations of checkboxes.

You can simply copy/paste the character in question, and then with a bit of luck it is supported by the font you happen to use (cheap fonts do not support the entire range of Unicode characters, which can contain thousands of special charactesr). For example, Calibri supports the characters mentioned above: ☐☑☒

By the way, emoji symbols can also be inserted this way. They are simply one of those Unicode characters, that can be inserted in the same way. :sob:

Thanks, the Unicode will work for now!