Modifying the colour of text in tables

We recently received the following question from a user and wanted to share our answer with the community:

I coloured my header rows with dark grey, but black text does not provide enough contrast, whereby it is not properly visible. Can I paint the text white?

Picking the colour for the text in your table is indeed possible by deviating the table styling. This is done by adding an additional row on the top of the table and inserting commands, written inside two percentage signs. ( % … % )

The command to deviate the colour of top row text would be in the following form:

% first row font #hex %

where #hex stands for the hex code of the desired colour. The hex code for white is #FFFFFF. You can find codes for other colours for example on the following website:

Therefore, the table would look like this:

|| % first row font #FFFFFF % ||
|| title ||
|| cell ||

There is a wide range of combinations of commands that can be put together, and I suggest you have a look at this page ( to make proper use of these features!