Multiple conditions

In a document I would like to have a sentence adapt based on the fulfilment of conditions. The following options should be available:

Option A: Signee should sign additional document on data processing.

Option B: Signee should sign additional document on data processing AND accept additional provisions

Option C: Signee should accept additional provisions

I have written the conditions as follows:

{#services^data-processing = true: OPTION A | #services^data-processing = true AND #services^additional-provisions = true: OPTION B | #services^additional-provisions = true: OPTION C}

It seems like only OPTION A and OPTION C work but not OPTION B.

How can I solve this?

Hi Gotanda,

This is a problem that many new users get confused about.

Simple answer: reverse the order of your option A and B — option B will never be used when data-processing happens to be true, because in such case option A will always be used. (ClauseBase uses the first part of the condition that happens to be met).

You can read more about this here:

That makes sense. Thanks Maarten for your swift response!