Multiple Cross-references

I have a paragraph in an agreement that states that the obligations in several sections will survive termination of the agreement. Here is the output for the current clause:

I would prefer to be able to format it so that it reads sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, and…

Is there a way to format it to get this output?

Hi Elmer,

Have a look at the @refs-and special function (and its siblings, such as @refs-or and @refs-if-and)! They were developed for these kinds of reference-lists.

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Thanks, Maarten.

Additionally, is there a way to get a function to omit the article before a word? I know with concepts I can use #-concept to get rid of the article before the concept.

In this case, I am currently getting an output of “these sections”, but I would like it just to say “sections.”

The “this” / “these” is automatically added when the references are to either sub-Sections or siblings under the same ancestor-Section.

I think you happened to hit a bug in the code in your particular case, because it should not be saying “these” when only the first Section in the list is part of an ancestor Section. I’ll make sure it is solved later this week.

In the meantime you can probably state §section-4-ref and @refs-and(§section-5-ref, §section-6-ref, §section-7-ref, §section-10-ref).