My concepts are proliferating – can I generate a report?

I’m a new user, and already I’m concerned that I’m creating too many Concepts or not using them correctly. I’m haunted by the idea that, well, it will come back to haunt me!

At least, to keep track I’ve what I’ve done, is it possible to have Clausebase generate a report of all my Concepts and their associated possible labels? And associated datafields?

This would be very helpful to review and take stock of every now and then.

Through the search button (e.g., in Browse Files) you can specify that the files you are searching for, should be concepts. This will give you an overview of all the different concepts that you can currently access in the software.


That being said, we are working on a few ideas to ease the uncomfortable feeling you are having. To be continued!


What I had in mind is more of a report that I can generate that might show, as I select:

  • All my concepts
  • The labels associated with the concepts
  • The datafields associated with the concepts (including any description text)

Hi Kenneth,

Probably by the end of this weekend, the new version of the software will be released which will contain an optional left-panel. That left-panel will contain, inter alia, a sub-section “concepts” that will either show all the concepts available to you (in any folder accessible to the current user), or all the concepts present in the currently shown document/binder/Q&A.

When you hover over a concept/datafield, you will see relevant details (concept labels, predefines, etc.). And when you click on a concept/datafield, and your cursor is currently blinking inside an editor, the #concept or #concept^datafield will be inserted.

In the screenshot (rough preview!) below you the option is enabled to organize the concepts by category (labels with grey backgrounds at the top).

By the way, this screenshot shows our demo-account, which contains a huge list of concepts, from very diverse documents (we should clean it some day…). Most users will not have such a large list of concepts/categories.



Hi Kenneth,

This new feature is now active, see the detailed explanations at

In addition to getting a good overview of your concepts, the new panel also features a click-to-copy import module.