Nesting Quotation marks

I am working on a document that has a large area of text within a set of quotation marks and within the quotation marks I need to format some text to be within parenthesis within quotation marks and bold.

Currently, I am formatting as follows:

“… text text text (the “~text~”). text text…”

In my document, the quotation marks inside the parenthesis are backwards (like they are closing the original quotation marks) and a space is being left for each ~. I tried using curly braces, but that removes all formatting. How can I remove the space and make sure the quotation marks face the right way?

If I understand your question correctly, you would like to have double quotation marks within double quotation marks.

This is currently not possible. Due to the dynamic nature of clauses (where any piece of text can eventually get combined with any other piece of text), our layout engine essentially keeps track of the quotation marks and automatically inserts closing marks, in the right direction, together with relevant spaces, when it suspects — based on the number of quotes — that you are “closing” a quote.

This should almost always be what you want: using nested the same style of quotation marks is often confusing.

The easiest solution is to use double quotation marks for the outer pair and single quotation marks for the inner pair (or the other way around).