Non-breakable spaces and hyphens

Hey everyone,

does anybody know if its possible to integrate non-breakable spaces or hyphens into a document? I already tried to just copy them from a word document but it didn’t work out and i didn’t find anything about this topic at the clausebase help pages.

I found a post from somebody (Non-breakable Spaces?) asking the same question but sadly there is no answer yet. Maybe its not possible till now, but even to know that would be good for us.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Leonie,

This is indeed possible. On my Mac, I can insert it through the standard Emoji & Symbols menu option (under the Edit menu of every Mac application), then search for “non-breaking hyphen”, and insert the symbol into the Clause9 editor.

On a Windows machine, it should be possible (but haven’t tried this) by holding down Alt and typing 2011 on your numeric keypad.

What does not seem to be working, is to copy/paste the non-breaking hyphen from Word to Clause9, for some strange reason the browser interprets this as a kind of space.

Once inserted, it is treated by Clause9 as a standard character, i.e. just like a letter “a” or “b”. Upon rendering to DOCX/PDF or to the browser screen, the conversion engine will however treat it specially, in that it will not allow words to be broken at that point.

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Welcome to the forum @LeonieHoffmannFX and thanks for reminding me of the non-breaking topic!

I did a quick test on Windows, holding down left “Alt” and pressing the numbers on the keypad sequentially:

Alt + 2 0 1 1 outputs…something, but not a hyphen:
A quick google search did not turn up any results.

However, Alt + 2 5 5 outputs a working non-breaking space:


In addition to the suggestion by Kai to use Alt + 255 to insert the non-breaking space, you should also be able to copy/paste them over from Microsoft Word. They will indeed show up as little red dots instead of white space.

Furthermore, if you need to use a non-breaking space in a concept label, copy/pasting the relevant text including a non-breaking space works as well (even though the non-breaking space will not be visible in the concept label form).