Not repeating repeating clauses

I have a general identification clause with a lot of repeating lists: party A. The goal of that, is that more than 1 person can be added to party A. For example: several tenants or buyers.
Now I have a contract, where I use that general clause for party A, but here it can be only 1 possible person. In the Q&A I would like to block the possibility to add more persons to that specific party A.

How can I do that?

Hi Sarah,

In the question options you can indicate the maximum number of rows. When the max. number is exceeded, the green addition button disappears.


In addition to a specific amount (1 in your case)…


… you can (since recently) also dynamically link the maximum number to a datafield — e.g. if the user would indicate in a certain question that 3 buyers are present, then the max. number of rows can be limited to 3


nice, thx!