Nouns, genders and English

It seems to me that the option to set a gender for a noun in English is a bit unnecessary, as the nouns don’t have any grammatical gender. Is there some use for this function that I haven’t noticed?

Hi Leevi,

There are situations where this comes in relevant, because the gender actually has a function in dual-sex words.

For example, assume that employment agreements use the defined term “employee” (a word that does not change between male & female persons). Even when you use this neutral term, you may want to refer to the actual person with a pronoun (“he” or “she”).

You can therefore write

<#employee> will take care of <his: #employee> company car. If <he: #employee> drives unsafely, then...

if you create a conceptlabel set to female, then this will result in:

the employee will take care of her company car. If she drives unsafely, then ...

Agree with Maarten. Another use example would be in case of the defined term “agent” or “commercial agent”.