Numbering in tables

Quick question to confirm my assumption - is there a way to add automatic numbering within tables (similarly as you would do it not in a table)?

I have rather simple table structures, e.g.:

|| 1. Paragraph     ||
|| 1.1. Paragraph   || 
|| 1.1.1. Paragraph || 

And more bizzare ones, e.g.:

||> 1. Paragraph  ||
|| 1.1. Paragraph || 1.1.1 Paragraph ||
||^               || 1.1.2 Paragraph ||

Almost sure that the answer is NO, but wanted to be 100% sure.

Hi Tomas,

Some of this is possible, some not.

You can do the following:


But what is not possible, is to have a cell start with a subparagraphs (such as 1.1 or 1.1.1). If you write the following:


Then the software will think you made a mistake in the 1.1, and treats it like a 1. instead.

The underlying technical reasons are the following:

  • The initial numbering (1., 1.1.,, etc.) of a paragraph is plainly ignored within cells, so if you start a cell with such numbers, then they will be hard-coded as such, instead of treated as automatic numbering.
  • However, you can perfectly have initial numbering within a snippet. So if you refer to a snippet within a cell, you can partially get what you want.
  • Each snippet is separately analyzed. So a snippet for which the paragraphs start with 1.1., will be unaware of other snippets that have a paragraph starting with 1. And when the software looks at the snippet containing 1.1, it will treat your 1.1 as the top level.

Also be aware that within a table, it is somewhat unpredictable in which order MS Word will take up the numbering.

OK. Good to know!

But you cannot split numbered paragraphs into different cells, right?

Right, unfortunately.

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