Overriding DOCX page styling

I’m a bit confused regarding the page styling setting which is taken from a Word file.

I have Q&A #1297645 (a binder), where it works.

But in other Q&A’s #1286366 and #1300371, it doesn’t work. The page styling is not taken from the Word file there, whereas the underlying document has the correct page styling selected.

I’m certainly doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I’m taking the liberty to post a screenshot of the relevant setting in the document that’s not working, to help future readers:

We still need to document this new “Base document” feature, but the way the Base Document feature works, is as follows:

  • the document is first generated as usually (let’s call it “doc A”)
  • then the software opens the DOCX mentioned in the Base document box (“doc B”)
  • the contents of doc A is then pasted into doc B; if there are conflicting MS Word styles between A & B, then they copies of them will be created, so as to preserve the different formatting of the two documents.

In principle the headers & footers of doc A are copied over as well, but you’re really intering tricky territory here, because Word’s technical potential in this regard is fairly limited. I would therefore strongly suggest to not mix special headers & footers with the base document feature.

On a side note, it seems that the DOCX associated with #tlx-default is mostly empty, while #tlx-letter contains your firm’s nicely formatted letter layout. I would assume that you want to only use the Base document feature (so disable the Header & footer fature), and ut #tlx-letter in that Base document box?

Hi Maarten,

I’m sorry for the late response.

I’m very confused by the difference between the two functions.

What I tried is this:

But then it doesn’t take the header and footer at all.

[Closing this — handled through private conversations.]