"Parent clauses" without text

I am drafting a document, where I have clauses ©(i), ©(ii) and ©(iii). © itself is empty, i.e. (i)-(iii) are directly under that clause with © containing no text (it makes more sense with the pictures). Is there a way to manage a situation like this? Now © only contains my drafting notes - otherwise it doesn’t work.

What I (roughly) want to do
what I (roughly) want to do

What I have
what I have

What happens when I remove the text
what happens when I remove text

Hi Leevi,

You need to use the new @void function, e.g.

1. @void
1.1. The parties to ...

As described in its documentation, this function inserts something in those places where the ClauseBase grammar requires you to insert something in order to make things valid. (Without the @void, the paragraph 1. would simply be ignored because it is empty, causing the 1.1 to be set at the top level, which you obviously do not want).

However, upon printing time, the @void will be ignored by the software, not resulting in anything tangible.

Note that ClauseBase currently does not allow the very advanced scenario of having © and (i) on the same line. This kind of layout is only rarely seen in practice, probably because most lawyers do not know how to achieve it in MS Word, because you need to know how to juggle with tabstops and reverse indentations.