Pasting in "content body"

Hi all,

I’m making my way through the tutorials and I encountered a problem when I reached the title “Tutorial for Clause Authors” under Part 3: “Creating your first clause” of the instruction manual.

When I got the instruction to paste a text into the content body I wasn’t able to do so. Has anyone else encountered this issue? The mistake is probably mine and It’s probably a simple oversight. But is does stop my progress. Thank in advance for any tips.

Kind regards,


Hi Léon,

Can you clearly see the clause editor at the bottom of your screen? You should be able to see a thin green line separating the part of the screen that contains the library overview, and the part that contains the text and attributes of a clause, as you can see in the image below:

You can click and drag that green line upward in case you cannot see enough of the screen to paste the tutorial text into the content body. On smaller screens, you sometimes have to drag this part of the screen up in order to display everything correctly.

If that does not solve the issue, could you take a screenshot of what you are looking at when you try to complete this step in the tutorial?

Hi Senne,

Thanks for the feedback but the problem is not so much the size of screen where I should paste the text.

The problem is that neither dragging nor a command via mouse control is possible for some reason.

That is indeed strange. Dragging the text would ordinarily not work but a command via mouse control should be possible.

Can you try the following?:

  • try selecting the “1.” which is already present in the clause and paste over it using traditional mouse inputs (using right-click to copy and paste)
  • try copying and pasting by using shortcuts. Select the text on the left-hand side and press Ctrl+C, then place your cursor in the content body field and press Ctrl+V.

I have just tried replicating the error on my end and I am unable to so if the above does not work, try saving your progress, reloading your browser, and go through the steps again. Let me know if that helps!

Hi Senne,

Thanks for the help. Copying via shortcuts solved the problem for now (so I can continue). However, copying via mouse input remained impossible (just to inform you).

kind regards,


Hi Léon,

No problem! I have flagged the problem internally and we will see if there are any technical improvements we can do to prevent this issue in the future.

Hi Léon,

You unfortunately happened to stumble over something technically very intriguing, caused by a browser security restriction outside of ClauseBase control. This security restriction is imposed if different parts of a website actually emanate from different servers (in this case, the left side from and the right side from

There are some — rather theoretical — hacking opportunities that can occur in these kinds of situations if dragging & dropping would be allowed, which is why the browser vendors err on the safe side and simply disable this behaviour. Bummer.

  • You can read more about it here (technical discussions about the Chrome engine, but similar issues also happen in Firefox):

  • The issue is limited to dragging & dropping from the help center (left pane) to somewhere at the right. Dragging & dropping between elements at the right side is not a problem, because such dragging & dropping occurs between parts of the same emanating server.

  • Strange enough, dragging & dropping from a different browser tab/window to the right part of ClauseBase, is not a problem (!).

This is actually a workaround-solution for your problem: you can click on the “expand” button (circled in red below), which opens that page of the help center in a separate browser tab/window. You can then drag & drop from there to the right part of ClauseBase .