Hi everyone,

I have a few dynamic cross-reference between sub-documents. Whilst these are correct upon export, later changes are not reflected in cross-references between different word files, obviously.

Because of this, I would like to highlight all cross-references between documents - is this possible using @placeholder(§reference-to-other-document) ? Right now, it results in no output.

If this is a limitation of how references are calculated, then I will find another way.

Thanks so much!


Good thinking, but I’m afraid this is a limitation of the conceptual approach of the software towards numbering.

The way it currently works, is as follows:

  • In a first pass, the software calculates a “first” version of each document & paragraph. At the end of this first pass, the software can determine which document & paragraph gets which number.
  • In a second pass, the software then looks for all the cross-references that are still present in each of the paragraphs calculated in the first pass, and then replaces all those cross-references with the actual number of the target document / paragraph.

If you use @placeholder, then its argument (i.e., the cross-reference to some other document) gets converted into text during the first pass. The second pass then does not “see” any cross-reference anymore…

It’s not impossible to change, but the numbering is by far the most complex part of the entire software, so except in really strong cases, we try to shy away from making it even more complex than it already is.

Hi Maarten,

I kind of suspected something like this already from using @placeholder.