Pronoun trouble

I have a clause in which I am attempting to use the automatic pronouns related to a concept. The system is having trouble with using the pronoun he. See the screenshot for the error.

I am receiving an error that states multiple possible nouns to conjugate with. I do not see where the confusion could be coming from. I tested by switching to him wrapped in angular brackets and that worked.

Can you shed some light on what is causing the issue?

This is currently a limitation of the software design. What’s happening is that the software checks that, when simple angular brackets (i.e., without the explicit indication after a colon) are being used, there is exactly one noun or pronoun that can serve as the “reference (pro)noun”.

You happen to have two nouns (#Founder and “he”) that can act as reference (pro)nouns, so the system complains about this. You are right that the system should be a bit more clever, because it’s actually unambiguous here that “he” must correspond to #Founder.

We’ll put this on the todo-list for when we would revise the conjugations system. In general, however, even when this system limitation would be solved, it’s probably a better idea in general to always make explicit connections in these circumstances, because it’s more clear to the reader.

I don’t entirely understand. I understand that software has limits and it is very possible that this could be a situation where a limit applies. However, I think there might be a grammatical issue here as well.

It seems from your response that “he” is being treated as a regular noun, but that seems strange to me. “He” is a pronoun that would always have to have a noun coupled with it. Additionally, shouldn’t the pronouns search for concepts during the conjugation process? “He” is not a concept so it should be clear that I want it to reference a concept.

Note, that I get the same error with she.

Is there a workaround I could use here? The only way I can think of is to have a datafield associated with the concept that holds the gender and then add conditional text in {}. [UPDATE- I just changed them to <he: #founder> which works, but I am still confused by the information listed above]