Q&A - problem

I have a multiple choice question with the options of “majority of the members”, “supermajority of the members”, and “all members.” I have conditional language using the “blank” in #concept formation. However, when I select “supermajority of the members” I end up with the language for “majority of the members.” I think the problem is that one option is contained entirely in the text of the other option.

I could change it to super, majority, and all.

But I was wondering if my theory is correct of if there is something else happening here.

Hi Elmer,

Your gut feeling is completely correct. But this is actually a feature, not a bug!

What you did was to compare a text (“majority of the members”) with a text datafield, using the in operator: "majority of the members" in #threshold^type.

This causes the software to actually check whether the left hand side is contained in (i.e., is a sub-text of) the right hand side.

Combined with the fact that (1) the software evaluates conditions from left to right, and (2) stops as soon as it finds a match, you will indeed end up with a situation where “supermajority of the members” will never match, because the preceding “majority of the members” will always be matched first, because any text that contains “supermajority of the members” will also contain “majority of the members”.

Conclusion (as already guessed by your): either put the supermajority first, or (probably more clear for anyone looking at your logical structures) use the “=” operator instead of the “in” operator.