Hi Clause9 Team,

is it possible to complement @refs-and with @refs-through?

I don’t see a way to reference “Secs. 5 through 7 of Document A” within Document B.

I am currently using

@refs-and(@drop-doc-ref(§doc-a-5), @drop-doc-ref(§doc-a-6), @drop-doc-ref(§doc-a-7)

which outputs “Secs. 5, 6 and 7”. I then add “Document A” manually.

If my document has 10 Sections and I want to reference 5 through 7, using @ref-siblings-before/-after does not work: I can only manage “5 through 10” or “1 through 7”. So I hope this request fills a specific use case.

Thanks for your consideration!


This is a good idea, let’s put it onto our development wishlist.

By the way, we will then probably also have to make the middle word configurable. Some lawyers will want to say “Secs. 5 through 7”, others “Secs 5-7” and yet others “Secs. 5 to 7”. And of course, this will then have to be translated for each language.


I can already configure the middle word under Admin>Styles>References, it works for @ref-siblings:


Thanks Maarten!

You’re right, this can probably serve a double function :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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