Renaming datafields and concepts

If you rename a datafields, does it mean that all clauses are also automatically changed accordingly?

And is the same renaming operation possible with concepts too?

As for the datafields - yes, they get updated. If I remember correctly, you need to refresh or close and open your opened clauses using those datafields, however.

Cannot comment on concepts though.

Hi Bernd,

Tomas is correct. All clauses will be automatically changed if the datafields are being moved.

You can always change the filename of a concept — existing clauses will not be affected by it. In fact, under the hood, clauses only store a mapping of the used #term to the internal file number (e.g., 100001). So if your concept is called “alpha” with internal file number 100001, and you inserted #alpha into a clause (which the system would automatically map to your concept “alpha”), then the system will simply store the fact that any use of #alpha in that clause maps to 100001, irrespective of the actual filename of the concept.

If, later on, you rename the concept to something else, then this will have no effect whatsoever on the existing clauses. The only effect this renaming will have, is that in the future typing “#beta” will automatically get mapped to your concept 100001. (typing #alpha would also continue to get recognised, as long as there is at least one clause that happens to map “#alpha” to your concept 100001.)