Repeating list datafield does not show up in bulk export Excel


I’m testing the bulk export function in the Q&A mode.

The Q&A includes a card with repeating list datafields: a table with various invoice information that calculates the total invoice amount and interest that needs to be paid.

This card does not show up in the Excel document of the bulkexport. Does this have to do with the type of datafields (repeating list) that are included in the card?

Hi Judith,

These types of datafields are indeed, deliberately, not exported to Excel. The reason is that the columnar Excel format is not sophisticated enough to handle this. You could think of a setup where this datafield gets exported to multiple columns, but this gets so ugly and complex so quickly, that we opted not to support this at this moment.

In general, you should be aware that Excel will always be the achilles heel in this bulk export; there are several other ways in which the column-based structure of Excel is simply too limited to sufficiently support all the rich functionality that Clause9/ClauseBuddy allow for.