Repeating list Q&A - conditions

The situation is the following: in a sales agreement with multiple sellers, repeating lists datafields are used to gather information on the sellers (name, adress, company number, legal form etc). However, sellers can be natural persons or legal persons, Belgian or foreign, depending on each of these variables, the information shown in the agreement differs.

In a one party situation, whether the question “date of birth” pop’s up, is conditional on the answer to the question “is the seller a legal person” (=false). However, when creating a Q&A through a table (for repeating list data fields) all questions are shown in the Q&A (requesting info for both if the Seller is a legal or natural person). Is there a way around this?

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To do this, you’ll have to go to the settings of the question that detemrines whether the seller is a legal person or not by clicking the three dots next to the Caption. There, you assign a value to the “Identifier” field as you can see in the screenshot below.

Then navigate to the same settings menu, but for the question you want to show if indeed the seller is a legal person and under “Visibility”, write the following using your selected value (in this case “legal”)


Do that for every question you want to have show up if you are dealing with a legal person, and it should work!

Hi Senne,

A quick follow-up question. How do I solve the same problem if the identifier field is not a true/false question, but a text datafield with predefined answers (e.g. Antwerp, Ghent,…)

Thank you in advance for your follow-up!
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Hi Hans,

I think you’re looking for something like @column("legal") in @list("Antwerp", "Ghent")

This is explained in the section “The value must be equal to any of a set of predefined values” on Examples of conditions – Help