Repeating lists and tables

i would like to make a table with 3 columns, where the first one indicates the contenance and the two next columns are the information that needs to be filled in.

I want to make it more difficult and make a snippet in those columns that refers to many conditions and that are based on repeating lists.

But then I get: ‘multiple repeating lists in one row’ as a remark. Can I solve this a certain way?

fyi #1220267 is my clause

Hi Sarah,

As the error message suggests, you are using multiple repeating datafields in the same table row, and this is not allowed.

The underlying reason is that, as soon as you use a repeating datafield in a table row, the software will repeat that row as many times as there are values present in that datafield. (For example, if the repeating datafield has fixed type “text”, and it contains values “alpha”, “beta”, and “gamma”, the software would repeat that table row three times — whereby the repeating datafield will get the value “alpha” in the first row, “beta” in the second row, and “gamma” in the third.)

Following this methodology, it obviously becomes ambiguous for the software to know how many times to repeat a particular table row when you insert multiple datafields in it — as you did in your clause. Hence the error message.

My primary recommendation would be to convert the repeating fields in question into “normal” (non-repeating) fields.

If that would not be possible, you can force-convert the repeating datafield into a regular datafield (by using an underscore before the datafield) and extracting the value from a particular position in the datafield. For example, @get(#concept^_datafield, 1) would extract the first value of the datafield. If you use such a construction, the table row will no longer get automatically repeated.

owkey!! thx!!