Request - option to add default definition to a concept in the concept creation screen

I am experimenting with the definitions function of the software and I feel that it would be convenient to have the option to create a default definition for a concept or to be able to edit the default definition for a concept from within the concept creation screen. Like somewhere in this menu. image

Sounds like a good option to have a button of some kind that would allow you to immediately create a definition-file for the current concept. That would indeed save you several clicks.

(Creating a definition file from within a concept-file may be difficult to achieve.)

Actuallly, now that I am thinking about saving clicks it would be really cool if you guys could add a button to create new document that would create a folder with subfolders for clauses, concepts, and definitions automatically, possibly with a document for assemble mode at the same time. I find myself creating them anyway, so it could be a time saver.

Also a good one. After the Word-plugin is released (very imminent now), these suggestions will come into view!