Saving an external snippet should not scroll to the top of the preview pane

Example: Document #1018769, in Clause 11.2.2 lit. a-d, the external snippets

Hi all,

when editing a document, I really like that saving a normal clause jumps the preview window on the left to that clause, allowing me to see my changes. I use this a lot whilst editing to test out how things work and look.

However, saving a external snippet clause scrolls the preview window to the top of the document:

As I start using more and more external snippets in my documents, I find it increasingly annoying to scroll back down to the clause I am currently working on.

Is this connected to how the live preview loads, because external snippets are not saved within the document wrapper? Is there a way to disable the preview scroll for external snippets?

Selecting the “normal” clause which contains the global snippet, then saving it does jump back the preview, but this is only slightly faster than scrolling and requires more inputs. Some documents take 1-2 seconds to save, so saving twice is sometimes actually slower than scrolling back.

Thanks for considering!


Hi Kai,

We have trouble reproducing this behaviour here internally. Can you give a specific example (if necessary by private email, if too confidential) of when this happens?

In the source code of the software, we actually instruct the browser to only scroll to a certain clause if that clause itself is currently present. As an external snippet is typically not itself present in the document (it is embedded in another clause), no scrolling should happen.

Or are you perhaps talking about a situation where a clause is both independently present as a clause in the document, and at the same time being used as an external snippet within some other clause of the same document?

Thanks Maarten, sent a quick video via Email.

I did not even know this was possible! Very interesting, might start using this. But its not what I am currently doing.