Saving Parent Clauses in my database

Hey, quick question, I have some section (e.g. the miscellaneous section) that are made up of various clauses. Is there a way to save it as a clause with a few subclauses in advance instead of when assembling a document?

My aim is that if I update the separate subclauses it would automatically update the master as well but I would also be able to add those into a new document as a whole.

Is there such a functionality?

Hi Gil,

There is indeed a way to save a clause & its subclauses as a whole that can be later re-used in another document.

First, insert the relevant clause and its subclauses in a document. Then select the parent clause (thereby automatically also selecting its subclauses). The next step is to click the image button in the upper left corner of the screen and then selecting “Save hierarchy as separate clause”.

This will make this set of clauses available as a “hierarchy” for re-use in other documents, in the same way you would insert any other clause (i.e. by finding it through the search or browse functionality). The individual clauses that are part of the hierarchy can still be amended/updated and any location where the hierarchy was used, will also receive those updates.

Some more information on clause hierarchies is available here.