Show all relevant questions for the selected clause

In design Q&A mode, I can select a clause in the document preview and this will show all the relevant questions for that clause in the left-hand pane. I really, really like this feature.

However, I just found out that this is not possible if you use a Q&A. Can regular users also activate this feature somehow ?

You’re the second one to ask in a few days time — so I guess it’s time to start enabling this feature.

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Update: this feature will be available as of Monday.

  • By default, end-users can activate it in a Q&A, but it is not on by default. However, in the Options of a Q&A, you can configure the default:

  • There’s a new button “Changes” available to users to configure the options. All options can be independently enabled/disabled.

  • There’s a new right “Manage how changes are shown” that can be disabled on a per-user basis. (By default, users are allowed to use it.)


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