Show "Short" Document Titles in Q&A

Hi Everyone,

I have created a Q&A from a Binder with a “few” documents, with each document having a rather long title.

Most of my users work on 13" Laptops. If they open Q&A, they see the following:

As you can see, most of the preview window has be conquered by Document Titles. With the menu bars and document titles taking up so much space, there is very little preview window left for the users.

Whilst I know that I can (1) zoom out the browser window (2) enter full screen mode, and (3) use an external 27" display - not all my users will do this.

I was wondering if we could include an option to show the short document title in Q&A instead:

Another way could be to trim the preview text even further or have it switch to a dropdown, like the Q&A Categories do once you add more than 3.



Hi Kai,

You’re right, this should be solved. We’ll change this asap.

Hi Kai,

This is now implemented. As from the moment that there are more than 3 subdocuments, we now show a dropdown-list.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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