Simple repeating table

My first attempt at creating a repeating table and I’m sorry to say, it’s not going too well.

I thought I’d try a simple “appointment of officers” clause (#1112415), which would be a clause for a board consent. The clause will contain a table, with the name of the officer and his/her title. Following this help page, I set up the table as below:


As instructed, I then went into the Advanced table and selected the “officer name” as the repeating clause:


The officer-name datafield is of the “repeated list” type; officer-title is just text. (Originally I had set up the officer-title datafield to also be repeating, but I believe that is wrong, i.e., that there can only be one repeating datafield in the row.)


I’m not sure what I am doing wrong here, but when I go to focus mode, I can put in two officer names, but it’s duplicating the entire clause and it’s also not giving me the opportunity to put a title in for either.


This is one subject about which Clausebase’s usually detailed and helpful help pages are not quite as helpful as usual.

Hi Kenneth,

In your scenario, you do not want the entire clause to be duplicated/repeated (as you achieved by setting “repeat clause” to “officer-name”). Instead, you only want the table row to get duplicated/repeated.

You actually don’t need to do anything special to get repeating rows — this will be automatically done once you have a repeating-list-field inside a table row. (In fact, you need to take special precautions to disable this automatic behaviour, by adding an underscoe #concept^_datafield — see the “escaping the repeating nature” section of the documentation).

So actually you are done already. When I inserted the clause you mentioned in a fresh new document, and assigned two dummy values to the repeating list (but did not set the repeating clause flag), it immediately worked:



I see, but it’s still not working the way I want it to, though I think it’s working as you have shown. The issue is that each officer has to have a different title. You have them both as “xxx” and that is indeed what’s happening for me. How do I have a unique title for each repeated name?

I am not able to figure it out.

If each officer has to have a different title, then you need to change the officer title-datafield into a repeating list type as well — i.e. delete the current datafield and re-add it as a repeating list type.

You should think of each repeating list datafield as being a column in a table. If you require two separate columns, then you also need two different repeating datafields.

I’ll try that again, but I already tried it both ways and did not get it to work. Will try again.

Here’s the issue, @mtruyens : it does work with both fields being marked as repeated. However, it does not properly render in focus mode. If I go into that special datafields screen that lets you edit a table, I can see and manipulate it. See screenshots.

Not appearing in focus mode:

But appearing here: