Smart Templates saving permissions issue

Our paralegal has limited rights in the main Clause9 product, but we want to give her the ability to create smart templates in ClauseBuddy in certain instances. Currently, ClauseBuddy will not let her select any of our folders to save her smart template.

Does anyone know which right to toggle in the admin tab to give her that access? I enabled her ability to create and edit Q&As, but that did not take care of it.

There are essentially two things to take care of: (1) the right to use a certain module; and (2) access rights to certain folders & files.

(1) should be dealt with through (that enormous list of) user’s rights.

(2) should be dealt with through a combination of (a) smart folders and (b) the individual folder access rights.

  • (a) should be dealt with in the Clause9 admin menu → Search Folders. For each Search Folder, you need to specify an access bundle to which she has at least read/use rights. If those access rights are not met, she will simply not see the underlying folders for that Search Folder.
  • (b) Each Search Folder can list one or more underlying folders. For each of those underlying folders, the access rights need to be correctly set. I guess this is where the problem lies: she probably does not have edit/write rights to the relevant folder.

We are aware that these multiple levels of module rights & access rights can be complex to deal with, but the reality is that organisations often need weird combinations where people can, for example, have access to a certain module (but not be allowed to save anything), or where certain groups of people should have access to very specific folders, or where read rights apply to some folders, but write access to other folders, etc.

Clause9 exposes all of these settings; for a ClauseBuddy-only organisation, the setup is much much more simple.

Thanks, Maarten.

This is a lot of complexity. It would be nice if you had some model permissions we could copy and paste for different categories, but just a thought.

I am working through this with our paralegal and hope to have her set up on ClauseBuddy soon.