Some terms do not show under the Terms Menu (definition list)

I was trying to create a definition list but realized some terms I wanted to define were not being displayed under the Terms Menu. I noticed these terms were capitalized concepts that have not been used in any part of the document other than in the definition list itself (they were part of the description of other terms). In this case, how can I include these terms in the definition list if I can’t find them under the Terms Menu?

Hi Marina,

Terms are indeed not shown under the Terms menu unless they have been used as a concept at some point in the document. ClauseBase deliberately does this to avoid the situation of:

  • putting a definition in the definition list for a term that doesn’t appear in the document;
  • using a defined term in the text of the agreement without defining it in the definition list.

As you said, the particular terms you can’t find are only present in the document as parts of another term’s definition. So, in order to make them appear under the Terms menu, you should make sure to use their respective concepts in the definitions in which they appear.

For example: Suppose I want to define the term “Board” but the only time this word appears in the agreement is within the definition of the term “Business”, which says:

  • "Business": means the business of the Company and such other business as may be determined by the Board from time to time.

Thus, when writing the definition for “Business”, I would make sure to use the concept “#board”, as in:

  • "Business": means the business of #company and such other business as may be determined by #board from time to time.

In doing that, then the term “Board” will show up under the Terms menu.

If you are facing any trouble in creating definitions, you can find an overview of definitions and a step-by-step article in our Help Center.

Hope that helps!

That makes total sense. Thanks for the detailed help, Senne!

Another helpful thing to keep in mind regarding terms and definitions is that if a term (concept) is only used in conditional text, the term will only pop up in the terms list (and therefore definitions list) when the condition is fulfilled.

So whenever you are wondering why a term is not showing up in the terms list, also check whether it’s used exclusively in conditional text, and if so, trigger that condition to make it show up.