Special/accented characters via ASCII codes

I’m trying to use ASCII codes to insert accented characters. The ASCII codes for á (ALT+0225) and ú (ALT+0250) work, but the code for Central European characters like Hungarian double strong accented ő (ALT+337) isn’t - it enters an uppercase Q instead. This seems to be a browser/Windows 10 issue but I’m puzzled why those extra codes work in some applications and not others. I haven’t been able to find a solution despite a lot of searching. Do you have any suggestions on how to sort this out?

Interesting problem! For your reference: on my Mac, it equally happens in Explorer of my Windows 11 virtual machine, but not in MS Word on that same Windows 11 version.

I initially assumed this could be related to the font that happened to be used by the edit box, but that does not seem the case.

I found an interesting discussion here: keyboard - Windows 10 - Alt code results in wrong character - Super User — any possibility to try the suggestion to alter between left & right Alt, or to insert the special code in the Registry? In my Windows virtual machine, I have no access to the right Alt key, so I cannot try it.

So after spending all afternoon trying to find a solution, it turns out there really isn’t. I tried all the solutions suggested in that link and a lot others beside. It turns out that it’s a very common problem, has been for many years, and is related to OS/keyboard/language/encoding/application/and more. Especially frustrating because at least 2 really common Hungarian characters don’t have ALT codes at all just U+ codes and I couldn’t find a way to enter those (one suggestion was to press CTRL+Shift+U simultaneously then enter the code on the numpad. My hands don’t work that way.

I tried various browser extensions but they don’t work any better than the Windows character map.

So it’s not something you folks can fix. It’s not a problem for anyone working in that keyboard’s language, but if they’re using the UK keyboard, out of luck - we have to use a charmap utility to select, copy to clipboard, insert.

I like to tease people to convert to a Mac, and you just offered me a new tool in my toolbox :slight_smile:

On a Mac, you can simply hold down a letter

and then select the right special version of the letter.