Special characters in labels and aliases?

Are accented and other non-English characters allowed in file names, labels, and aliases?

File names can basically contain anything you like, any length. However, for concepts, you are advised to limit yourself to what is allowed as a hashtag-name (see below), and particularly not using spaces, otherwise you will have to manually link hashtags to concept-files because the system will not automatically find it.

Labels can have anything you like inside them, any length, although you will obviously not want to exaggerate the length (as it will be shown on the screen). Spaces are not an issue here — in fact, it’s probably best to insert spaces, because it’s friendlier towards your end-users.

Hashtag-names and names/aliases for field-names (i.e., the stuff that you put after a # or ^ inside the editor) cannot have spaces, should start with a letter, and can then have any combination of letters/hyphens/underscores/digits. The “letter” can basically be any valid unicode-character, although in practice some letters may not be available because they are missing in the editor font that we happen to use (not every font contains every possible unicode-character). See sample below:


Perfect, thanks. I’m using Hungarian and Lithuanian characters in file names, labels, and aliases. They all seem to be accepted in the UI.