Special functions and variables in Smart Templates

I have used special functions in Smart Templates before without an issue. However, now whenever I add a special function to a datafield when using ClauseBuddy it applies to all instances of that datafield.

For example, for our firm style, in our signature the name of a party is in all uppercase if that party is an individual. I was working on a document that used the party’s name in the intro, the notice section, and the signature block. When I added @uppercase to the signature block reference it copied it to all instances of the datafield.

I worked around this by adding a datafield for the name that had Caps as a suffix, but now the user has to provide the name twice.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a way in ClauseBuddy to make sure that the special function only applies in one instance?
  2. If not, is there a way to make a changeset or something similar in ClauseBuddy to make the text of the workaround datafield equal to the text of the real datafield?

Hi Elmer,

This sounds very strange, indeed. Can you tell me (or email me) the ID or name of the Smart Template where this happens?

(By the way, sharing the ID of the Smart Template on the forum is, from a confidentiality perspective, not a problem. That ID Is only accessible to your organisation.)


It is #1013034. I have seen the issue when working on other Smart Templates. I poorly explained the issue in a previous email about problems I was having with Smart Templates. However, I deleted that Smart Template and made the document a traditional CB template instead, so I don’t have a number for it.