Splitting user responses into separate paragraphs


I have a question in my questionnaire that invites end-users to provide a factual description of the reason why the employement contract is being terminated.

Such description can obviously span multiple paragraphs. However, in the resulting documents, all these paragraphs are glued together, and end up without any line breaks in between.

Can I solve this?

Hi deltaflood,

Good question!

Have a look at the special function @to-paragraphs.

For example, if the end-user’s answer is stored in #termination^reason, then instead of simply inserting #termination^reason in the text, use @to-paragraphs(#termination^reason). You will see that any linebreaks will then be preserved in the resulting document.

Note: I assume you have also activated the “show large answer box” option in the layout options of the question? This causes the answer box to be enlarged in the Q&A.