Spreadbase equivalent for ClauseBuddy

Hi all,

We are working on a template in ClauseBuddy. It concerns a technically simple and straigthforward template.

We are now looking for a way to ‘pre-upload’ certain information (name, adress, VAT number, etc…) from a supplier database. Similar to the spreadbase function in Clause9. Is there any way to do so in ClauseBuddy?

We know the bulk export function, but this will not do the trick, since we only want to upload 20% of the Q&A answers, and not the whole bulk. Furthermore we want to be able to answer the remaining questions from within ClauseBuddy, hence export to Word/PDF is not want we are looking for.

What would be the best approach here please?

Thanks and enjoy the weekend!

Hi Tom,

There is currently no “spreadbase” functionality in ClauseBuddy. As is usually the case with ClauseBuddy, there is a focus on simplicity, where we carefully think about every button that gets added, to avoid complexity for end-users.

Pre-uploaded information looks simple at the surface, but once you give such feature to end-user, their immediate reaction is almost always that they want to change some details and fine-tune the behaviour of the tool… and then you end up with either unhappy users or a lot of complexity.

Is it perhaps an option to create a Clause9 Q&A that uses a DOCX file internally? Then you keep most of the simplicity of ClauseBuddy, while also adding the advanced features of Clause9.