Styling: Definition terms in bold, but not the quotes

Hello everyone,

I would like to request an option to set the style of the quotes of Defined Terms in the Definition lists to bold separately to the term itself.

Currently, I can only bold both the term and quotes together using the setting Defined term in bold for definition lists:

However, defined terms in bodytext can be bolded separately from their quotes:

  • setting Defined term in bold in bodytext only bolds the term, but
  • setting Defined term in bold for definition lists bolds both the term and the quotes.

This leads to inconsistent styling between defined terms in a list or in bodytext.

Adding a sub-option under Definition lists called “Defined term quotes in bold” would be a quick way to change this.

Thank you for considering my request!


@mtruyens hey, sorry for the bump - any chance for this feature request finding consideration?