Styling of subdocuments in a binder

Having read the guidance in the help center, I believe that there is currently no possibility to apply different styling settings to different subdocuments in a binder. My use case is as follows: I have a binder and one of the subdocuments are general terms and conditions which should be in a smaller font size and in two columns. However, I don’t want to unlock the subdocument and the binder ignores the styling of the existing document added to the binder. Is there any way to obtain this result?

The two columns should be possible to achieve (because the page settings are respected), but the smaller font is indeed not possible at this point.

We are thinking about adding this possibility, but it’s tricky, because it means that we will need to insert different Word styles (for 9 levels) for each deviating subdocument.

In the meantime, I would suggest to perhaps separate the Q&A into two separate Q&As, and use the copy/paste functionality within ClauseBase to copy/paste answers that you want to reuse from one document to the next. (The software matches questions between two Q&As either on the basis of the underlying datafield, or through an identical identifier.)

Thanks. I can imagine that it would be tricky, but I think that this question will pop up in other use cases too. The Q&A workaround is a bit too complex for my use case. For the time being, it will be easier to export the document and make the changes in Word itself.